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Company Overview

Our solid conviction is that if a business is to be upgraded, it's to be streamlined in a full cycle way! Founded in 1991, Covenant is a high volume Insurance Brokerage House with eight locations in Jamaica providing Insurance Service to over 30,000 clients. The company also handles many major Insurance Schemes and writes General, Life and Employee Benefits Insurance. The primary mission of the company is to seek and promote the widest coverage for our clientele General, Life and Employee Benefits Insurance needs, at the most economical and attractive rates, with the most reasonable terms. Covenant Insurance Brokers offers Insurance Schemes to different segment of society. These schemes provide members with drastically reduced Insurance Premiums. Covenant operates in an atmosphere of strict adherence to ethical and professional standards. Personal creativity and office interaction combine to foster an innovative and imaginative approach to problem solving.

We provide the following services in the market:

  1. Evaluation of adequate and cost-effectiveness of insurance programmes.
  2. Development of Corporate risk retention strategy.
  3. Preparation of specifications and analysis of competitive quotations.
  4. Design of unique insurance contracts suitable to clients’ requirement, bearing in mind new coverage available on the market.
  5. Placement of insurance coverage with companies, giving major consideration to their financial stability, strength, management ability, responsiveness to clients’ needs and their claims settlement history.
  6. Assistance in expediting our clients’ loss settlements.
  7. Arranging Premium Financing at the most competitive rates.

Our Mission

The Company seeks to recruit and retain staff members who are dedicated to efficient service, who are flexible, personable, honest and attentive. The primary mission of the Company is to seek and provide the widest coverage for its clients’ General, Life and Employee Benefits Insurance needs, at the most economical rates and reasonable terms. Additionally, the Company will at all times do the following:

  1. Be cognizant of its role of translating insurance to the layman who is often intimidated by the apparent complexity of such policies.
  2. Seek to act in the best interest of its clients, employees and generally, those with whom it has a relationship.
  3. Conduct its business affairs with the highest integrity and promote and ensure high standards of service.
  4. Pursue expansion and research new areas of activity in which its skills and services can be applied and offer profitability.
  5. Continue to introduce innovative insurance packages, to exploit its markets and aggressively pursue a strategy to achieve and maintain market leadership.
  6. Ensure that its staff members are at all times well trained, highly motivated, service-oriented and helpful, thereby developing a high level of goodwill.


The value and quality of the insurance solution purchased is proven by the claims service provided. That is why CIB has a Claims Department that is responsible for the smooth handling of all claims. Our Claims Service and Procedures are designed to handle all claims with speed, fairness, full indemnity and communication. We assist both the insurance company and our clients towards an amicable settlement. We will endeavor to ensure that claims are presented in a timely and professional manner to avoid litigation and fraud.

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